Client Testimonials

My mother has been suffering from terrible anxiety for almost two years now and in that time my Dad has been housebound for a lot of it and couldn’t drive.
My mom was having issues with making dinner, running errands and really needed a friend to focus on her.
Christine at Sweatergang paired her with a companion named Jill and they hit it off immediately.
Jill has been a huge help to the family and someone my mom can confide in when needing to talk. We are so grateful for this service and most especially for Jill.

M. Ramier

Ingersoll ON, Google Review

I am extremely happy with the service from Sweatergang Companions. I could not do everything that is done for me by myself. Chantal was lovely. I didn’t realize that by having someone say hello and good morning or afternoon made me feel important. Chantal was talkative and helped me with anything I needed. Even my son told me it is such a relief for him knowing that I have the help I need to stay in my home.

V. Rosamond

Kingston ON

Sweatergang companions did a wonderful job filling a special need when a family member required extra support.  They are flexible, accommodating, friendly and professional.  Highly recommend them.


I would be lost without Sweatergang Companions.

J. McCallum –

Kingston ON

I reached out to Sweatergang Companions on a Monday. I had just received notice of two last-minute, very important appointments for Wednesday and Thursday, of the same week, in Kingston. I needed a companion to accompany me to both. The coordinator was quick to secure a companion for me. Both days the companion was on time to meet our transportation. She was excellent! She was friendly and conversive, entertaining, and it turned out we had hunting in common. She was very helpful navigating the hospital and getting me where I needed to be. I am very satisfied with the support received from Sweatergang Companions.

Rolf Garnes

Because of Cindy at Sweatergang Companions, my 92 year old mother found some happiness in living that had been missing for a very long time. Cindy took her on drives, visited with her and took her shopping.  She quickly learned what my mother needed and liked and molded her visits around that. Sweatergang Companions found the perfect person for my mother.  Thank you Sweatergang and thank you Cindy!

Rose Fort

Brockville, ON

Sweatergang Companions is a real professional agency and has very reliable people working for them. They have helped me tremendously, I Have tried other agencies and they were very very unreliable, I count on Sweatergang and my amazing caregiver multiple times a week. My caregiver is so kind and always polite, she helps me with everything and always goes the extra mile. It feels like I have my own daughter looking after me.

Joan Beagle

Bath, Ontario

Sweater gang companions answered our call immediately and gave me Judy. Judy came every day and helped me with my daily exercises so one day I can walk again she also helped with the household chores Sweatergang  companions helped relieve the stress off my daughter.

I would highly recommend Sweatergang Companions

Robyn Buell

Winchester, Ontario

I cannot thank you enough for connecting me to Sarah 😊 She is a lovely, immensely helpful girl.  A friend last night was saying how much better/upbeat I sound since Sarah has been coming.  So true!

G. Schwier

Kingston, ON

My wife was headed for a nursing home if not for the caring support of all the staff at Sweatergang Companions.  When I needed them they were there immediately, to bring support and hope for a good home life for my wife in this very trying time.  Christine and her staff at Sweatergang Companions are to be commended for their efforts and are the most wonderful and caring people in the world.

I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Steve Commodore

Lombardy Ontario

I love my caregiver that Sweatergang sends to me. I am blind, which makes it very hard for me to know what has to be cleaned or fixed. My caregiver is so understanding of this and will tell me what she thinks needs to be done or fixed on top of all the regular stuff we have agreed on. If she can fix it, she does it with no hesitation and cleans everything she thinks needs it. So goes above and beyond for me and I love sending time with her. I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with her and Sweatergang and recommend them to everyone.

” Lorie" Duffey


Linda M: 5 stars!!! Linda went above and beyond with my Mother, Sharon Seward. They baked, went on outings, daily bird watching, physical exercises, speech practice… Every time Linda was there, my Mom was dressed so nicely. Linda worked hard to have full conversations with my Mother. Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with.

We did not get to know Michelle and Maggie as well, however we were very impressed that they stayed up all night.

We could not have done these past 5 months without Sweatergang. Your company was mentioned in my Mother’s obituary.

With much gratitude

Blake Seward

Rideau Lakes, Ontario

Sweatergang Companions gives me the ability to stay in my home and keep it running on my own.  I took a fancy to Christine right away, she’s a very pleasant person.

M. Barlow

Smiths Falls ON

I started with Sweatergangs to help me with my Uncle who has dementia and is living in a retirement home.  I was getting worried, my uncle wasn’t a very social man and kept very much to himself.  I was looking after my mother who had many needs as well as going to work fulltime.  I didn’t want my Uncle to feel alone.  Sweatergangs met with myself and my uncle to get a feel of what my uncle wanted or needed.  Arrangements were made, times were set and I always felt it was always in the best interest of my uncle.  Times were adjusted, personalities were figured out and I was satisfied that my uncle now had a friend he could rely on for almost anything.  Drives, coffee dates, activities, doctor appointments.  I as a caregiver knew my uncle was taken care of in every way when I couldn’t do it for him.

A little while later, my mom is not well.  I am home 24/7 looking after her and unable to leave her unattended.  Sweatergangs saved my days again as they would sit with my mom so I could do some important things on Friday afternoons.  Sweatergangs were very important to me and I felt the communication was outstanding.  It was never just sending someone out to fill the hours.  I would chat regularly with sweatergangs to talk about my service or changes if  needed.

I would recommend Sweatergangs for peace of mind, professional, caring services for your family member.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥  ♥  ♥

Lee Bourbonnais

Merrickville, ON

We highly recommend the services offered by Sweatergang Companions.  Christine is a delight to work with and her wonderful team of companions are very caring and considerate.  They have taken our mother to dentist appointments, the library, shopping and on sightseeing drives.  Our mother has valued the companionship very much and it has given us peace of mind.

Janet and Steve

Carleton Place, ON

I thank God every day for Sweatergang Companions, when my 91-year-old mother fell and broke her arm, we also found out that she has macular degeneration.  We called Sweatergang for help and they sent us an amazing caregiver. Within a few months all of the members of my family were sick I was in over my head. Sweatergang was able to help me through everything. I don’t know what I would have done without them and their wonderful caregivers. Thank you Sweatergang Companions, from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for my family.

L. Buffam

Perth Ontaro, 2022

Following heart surgery, my husband developed a severe infection which required hospitalization and later in-home nursing care and constant supervision. It was pretty rough going until we were told about the Sweatergang. These companions stayed at our house over night, every night and kept an eye on my husband so that I could get some sleep. It allowed us to relax knowing that someone was in the house and would let me know if I was needed. 

All of the “sitters” were friendly and interesting, polite and respectful of our home, conscientious, and punctual. Their presence made the last weeks of my husband’s recovery much less stressful and we are now moving on to the next phase of his rehabilitation.

 I would absolutely recommend the Sweatergang to anyone who finds themselves in a situation that requires companionship or supervision – should the need arise again, I know exactly where to find them !

Thanks to you all

D. Kerr

Morrisburg, ON

My Mom moved in with us over a year ago. As her caregiver, I worried about having a stranger come in to stay with her. Would they be competent? Would Mom like them? Would I even be able to relax enough to enjoy an evening out? Would they put up with my small, friendly but annoying dog? So many worries – such a stressful time.

A friend recommended Sweatergang Companions, so I called. Christine immediately instilled a sense of confidence from the first meeting. She is someone who knows how this works, how much you worry about everything. Even more important, she really cares, about you, your loved one and getting a good fit for who comes to stay with them.

So just call, get a well-deserved break and some peace of mind. Mom loved having Michelle come to stay with her. She looked forward to her visits.

E. Spinney

Almonte, ON

Several months have passed but I thought I would just send a quick note to thank you for the excellent four weeks of round the clock homecare you and your team afforded my 92 year old Mom back in January of this year (2018).

In December of 2017 Mom experienced a serious fall at home, fracturing her tail bone and both pelvic hip components.  Her subsequent three week stay in hospital was painful and traumatic for Mom and also created an elevated sense of worry, fear and anxiety for her.  An associate of mine recommended Sweatergang and I am now so grateful for having followed up on his referral.

During my introductory meeting with Christine, I was very impressed by the professional manner in which you outlined your comprehensive services and associated fees.  Your entire team of caregivers was knowledgeable, reliable and considerate in the care and support it provided Mom and she has, once again, returned to a healthy and independent lifestyle – thank you all.  I, personally, met each of your caregivers participating in Mom’s care and I was very impressed – they are all exceptional people.  I am so very thankful and I applaud you and your team for facilitating the return of relief, peace and tranquility to our entire family.  I will continue to recommend your company to family, friends and associates without hesitation and, of course, will call on you again should circumstances dictate.

All the very best to you and Sweatergang in your future endeavours.

D. Young

Perth, ON

Sweatergang Companions was a godsend in making it possible for my mom to spend her last months at home.  I very much appreciated all of your efforts to accommodate our needs, and your staffs’ commitment to helping my mom to do this with self-dignity. I am grateful that you exist.

K. Matheson

Oxford Mills, ON

I had reason to be searching for an organizer. I had a very cluttered hallway that was unsafe, had there been an emergency , in my small apartment.  I found Christine Wilson, CEO and owner of Sweatergang Companions ,although my request was not listed in the services provided by her company, she was delighted to take on the challenge.

Christine was very professional, punctual, dressed professionally and gave me firm information concerning prices and the services I could expect.

Christine has excellent communication skills, she provides a range of services never seen by this writer. I  would recommend Sweatergang companions without hesitation and I look forward to working with Christine in the near future. I am a Satisfied Customer and Continuing Customer.


Lanark ON

Christine Wilson from Sweatergang Companions has worked with us for a while now.  We, are an elderly couple who have benefited immensely from her services.  She has arrived promptly each time, cheerful and full of enthusiasm. It has been comforting to have her in our lives. 

She has helped us with anything that we needed done, such as organizing and cleaning our home, preparing and serving meals.  

She has learned our habits and our lifestyle, accepting without judging, any of our individual idiosyncrasies.  She has endeared herself to us and we would be proud if she was our own grandchild.

J & C Sohn

Perth ON

Sweatergang has been an excellent company for our family to work with concerning the care of our Mom.  Attention to detail, approachable, flexible, caring — they are at the top of my list for caregivers.

C. Boutwell

Carleton Place, ON

Thank you Christine for everything you and your team have done. We never would have been able to have my father at home for even the 10 days he was, without the help you and your company provided.

M. Gowling

Merrickville, ON

Thank you and your stable of caregivers for helping keep mom at home and healthy for as long as we Could.  Your business is filling a big and growing need in our Communities. Thank you again.

I. Pragnell

Stittsville, ON

I hired Sweatergang Companions at the beginning of May 2014 to provide 24 hour companionship to me in my home as I had a fall that resulted in a few broken ribs.  My daughters didn’t want me to be alone while I recovered and since they don’t live in the same town as I do, having the Sweatergang Companions staff with me was peace of mind for me and my family.  Sweatergang Companions provided me with 5 weeks of around the clock companionship (3 shifts) and a 6th week of reduced hours to enable me to get back on my own two feet. The services of Sweatergang Companions allowed me to recover and regain my independence in my own home.  I thoroughly enjoyed the company of the ladies that came to stay with me.  They were nice company, friendly and became like family.  We made meals together, baked cookies, watched hockey games and chatted about old times.

Christine purchased a memoir book for me and encouraged the ladies to write down my stories, which I really enjoyed.  It was great to get some of my stories on paper so that I can share them with my family.

Hiring Sweatergang Companions was a very enjoyable experience and I am very thankful for their help in my recovery. I have kept their card and will call again if I ever need some more help.

E. Burns

Smiths Falls ON

When it became clear that my husband Jim, who was suffering from dementia, was becoming too much for me to handle on my own, the Alzheimer’s Society put me in touch with Sweatergang Companions. 

Christine came to our house and her enthusiasm and understanding made it very easy for me to pass over the care of my husband for a few hours every week.  She found the perfect companion for my husband.  Jim likes to watch CBC News and so they watch and discuss.  Jim’s companion also listens to Jim’s military stories.  They play cards games together in order to stimulate Jim’s memory.  On good days they go for walks or just sit on the front porch.  She helps him prepare his lunch. 

On occasion I have to go to appointments and Jim’s companion has stayed with him as long as was needed, reassuring me that if the appointment ran over, not to worry as she would just stay with him.  Sweatergang Companions is one very special comfort I give to Jim and myself!


Almonte, ON

Thank you so much for your services. You were able to deliver on short timeline and send my parents someone who was a good fit for them.  My father was able to get the rest, my mother the care that she needed and my sister her vacation that was well overdue and deserved!

Being 8 hours away and having not med you in person, it was not hard to trust you as you had a caring voice and a sense of urgency.  You are obviously in your right field of work. Again a huge thank you!  If ever we would require any help again we will most definitely call you!

C. Landry

Timmons ON (Parents in Rockland ON)

Christine and her staff from Sweatergang Companions are absolutely wonderful and caring people! Christine is more than passionate about how she runs her business, always making sure that her team are working towards meeting the needs of your loved ones, and communicates well with clients.  They looked after my Grandfather for the last five months of his life! They became like our family, caring and nurturing for him and as well as my Grandmother.  They always tried to make bad days liveable! The girls from Sweatergang made my Grandfathers last couple of months very comfortable and cheery, no matter what each day brought good or bad! I would highly recommend Sweatergang Companions to provide you with the care and support you need as they did with my Grandfather.  Thank you ladies for everything you did for my Nanny and Grandpa, from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!

S. Miller

Smiths Falls, ON

Age takes its toll. When it does, finding help that’s consistent, reliable and honest is usually no small chore.  However, Christine and her creation Sweatergang Companions, made it easier to accomplish. 

My wife and I have been together for 58 years, 20 of these have been in semi-retirement on Sand Lake Ontario.  For the first six years, (when we were still in our seventies) it was a breeze.  In our eighties, we need help, good help and lots of it.

My wife has problems with her eyesight and memory and I was looking for someone to provide her with some companionship as well as engaging activities. Since we live in a remote place, we also need help with transportation to appointments and running errands. Sweatergang Companions was referred to us as a company that could provide all of the services that we need.  We have worked with Sweatergang Companions for just over a year now and have been very happy with the services.  Christine and Sweatergang Companions has never disappointed.  Whether it’s showing up in an emergency at 7pm and staying until midnight, or housesitting and staying with our 16 year old dog for a week at a time, or helping me with my writing,  or helping my wife with her shopping and errands, or arranging for someone to do music therapy with my wife, or just doing things that need to be done, Sweatergang Companions has been there for us.  

Christine has been consistent, reliable, honest and a friend.  It’s hard to imagine being here, where we love to be, without her and her companions helping us.  I hope we have time left to stay in this place we love.  If the fates allow and we do, Sweatergang Companions can take a fair share of the credit for our success.

Dr. H Lafave

Elgin ON

I hired Sweatergang Companions in September of 2013 to provide support to my husband Harold.  Harold has dementia and his world was getting smaller and smaller as he could no longer participate in his previous pastimes.  

Every week, Christine comes prepared with customized ideas and activities.  She has retrieved and recorded his memories, provided games and exercise, and taken him on many excursions such as Christmas shopping, the sugar bush, walks along the river and buying doughnuts. 

Sweatergang Companions are very responsible and handle dementia related lapses with dignity and humour.  

Harold is more communicative and engaged because of these efforts and he looks forward to the visits.  He is living life, rather than having it pass by.

I highly recommend Sweatergang Companions.  

A. Elkington

Almonte ON

My family utilized Sweatergang Companions during the summer of 2017 to assist us in caring for my 84 year old Mother that suffers from dementia. The caregivers were professional and very helpful. Not only did they provide companionship to my Mom (so I could have a much needed break), but they helped with everything from cleaning the cottage to helping my Mom shower. They were always punctual, and when we had last minute changes to scheduling they were flexible and and understanding. My Mom grew very fond of her Sweatergang Companions, and when the summer ended and my Mom was moved to a new living situation, we were sad to see them go. I would highly recommend Sweatergang Companions to anyone that needs professional assistance in care-giving. Sweatergang Companions made a difficult and emotional time much easier, and we would use them again.

C. Armitage

Colorado USA

“Our experience has been positive from the beginning. I feel Christine is only a phone call or quick email away and Debbie my mom’s companion is a great match for her. My mom looks forward to Debbie’s weekly visit and thinks of her as not only an advocate but also a friend. I know my mom is in good hands. I look forward to receiving the emails outlining what the weekly visit entailed.”

P. Saumure

Smiths Falls, ON

“I have often recommend your service to many friends and acquaintances. I gave Community Home Support your name and web site. They are very pleased to hear of another highly professional service in this area, a service that is competent and thoughtful. Thank you for being so very kind and prompt with providing John with competent, wonderful caregivers.”

L. Coleman

Smiths Falls, ON

My husband and I travelled to Florida for the month of March and we were really worried about going, as my mom lives alone and is in her 90’s.  Sweatergang Companions came in and visited with my mom for 2 hours every day that we were away.  The companions ensured that my mom had taken her pills, had groceries and was doing well.  This provided my husband and I with peace of mind and we were able to enjoy our holiday.

D. M

Perth, ON

Sweatergang Companions has been providing overnight companionship to my mom, who lives in Perth since January 2015.  It has been a wonderful service, one that is flexible and tailored to our needs.  The companion that stays with my mom is fantastic and my mom and her have become quite good friends.

B. K

London, ON

“Sweatergang Companions started providing respite for my family in June 2014.  My mom lives with me and once and a while I need a weekend away to pursue my interests.  Sweatergang Companions enables me to get away and know that mom is looked after.  The service is flexible and the companions are wonderful and my mom always enjoys their company.”

B. Gauthier

Smiths Falls, ON

When I suddenly lost my husband, I was faced with a problem – living alone, without family in the area, how long it would take for someone to find out that something had happened to me and take care of my pets? I really worried that my pets wouldn’t be taken care of if the worst happened to me.  Just when I didn’t know what to do, the EMC published an article about the new services of Sweatergang Companions (August 2013). This was exactly the kind of help that I needed.  I phoned the next day and they agreed to make contact with me each morning by phone, to make sure I am ok.  I gave instructions on what to do in case I didn’t respond.  This service is quite affordable, reliable and very efficient. I no longer worry. 

A very happy customer.

Mrs. I.H.P

Lanark Highlands, ON

“Thank you very much for your help with my wife when she was first discharged from hospital.  You responded on short notice and arranged for a group of five ladies who were professional, kind and very compassionate.  These ladies helped my wife “get going” in the morning and gave me a chance to pick up things we needed. We have recommended your service to friends and family as a great resource when required. You helped us a lot and we thank you. 

R. Gillissie

Perth, ON

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