Who We Are

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Our Ethos and Mission

We are fundamentally a social enterprise that was established in 2013 to ensure that seniors in the communities we operate in are cared for and supported. To ensure that clients from all socio-economic backgrounds receive the care they need, we have partnered with a number of government funded organizations to provide funded care for seniors.

Our primary mission is to provide the highest level of care and support to seniors.  We provide care that feels like family.   

Our rates and fees are designed to be affordable, so the option to remain at home can be attainable.  If and when our clients move into a care facility or retirement home, we can continue to support and maintain our relationship with them.  This can be very important for our clients as our companions provide stability and a familiarity during the transition period and beyond.

No matter where home is, we are here to help.

Our Origins

It all started with a conversation

Sweatergang Companions was founded by Christine Wilson in 2013 with a lofty goal: to help provide seniors with the support and companionship they need to enjoy their lives at home.

Christine has always enjoyed spending time in the company of seniors. As a young person, she shared many afternoons with an elderly couple who lived nearby, playing cards, sipping tea and listening to stories of their long and fascinating lives. In high school, Christine met a World War II veteran while working at a grocery store, and the two began a lifelong friendship. “He quickly became a member of our family,” Christine recalls. “We met up for coffee each week and he told me stories about his life and his wartime experiences. He even came to my house for Christmas dinner.”

Christine’s passion for engaging with seniors led her to work as a Health Care Aide at a long-term care facility during University. While she enjoyed the work, she was shocked and dismayed at the isolation most seniors experienced in these facilities. The physical needs of seniors were being met, but most lacked the true companionship needed to live happy, healthy lives. For Christine, real companionship is about forming relationships, sharing stories and spending time doing the things you enjoy alongside others who enjoy spending time with you. This aspect of care was simply missing.

Inspired to bring positive change the lives of seniors, Christine established Sweatergang Companions in 2013. Sweatergang provides PSW support as well as an extensive list of other services, but companionship remains the cornerstone of Sweatergang’s offerings, since Christine believes it is the most impactful thing we can provide to our seniors. It’s that feeling of cozying up with a pot of tea and a good friend that she hopes to create with every relationship started through Sweatergang Companions – the feeling of comfort and most importantly, home.

Through hard work and an ever-growing team of exceptional caregivers and a phenomenal administrative team, Sweatergang has expanded to provide incredible service throughout Eastern, Central, Southwestern Ontario and New Brunswick.  Sweatergang Companions stands apart as a company driven by honesty and an authentic passion for improving the lives of seniors.